Game and Nature Reserves

Game and Nature Reserves – Today, there are nearly 7,000 national parks around the world, … the eye of the beholder, these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes.

Les Chutes " Waterfalls" de la Mbi

Les Chutes ” Waterfalls” de la Mbi, which are on the tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site list, drop 656 feet from a tributary of the Upper Mpoko River into the basin of the Oubangui. The falls are known for their natural beauty and are easy to see from a bridge. Another significant waterfall in C.A.R.

Ubangi River

Ubangi River is a major tributary of River Congo and it passes through the city where it defines the border between Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. The river is a popular spot for boat races and fishing. You can sail the river to where it is met by the Upper M’Poko River and get rewarded with the spectacular views of Les Chutes de la Mbi.

The Chinko Nature Reserve

The Chinko Nature Reserve– Also known as the Chinko Project, the Chinko Nature Reserve based on the Chinko Drainage Basin. The nature reserve is home to many species and is seen as one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. It is currently under threat from armed herdsmen who, during their crossing through the area, kill any and all predators to protect their herd. Image Map