Museums and Heritage

Museums and Heritage– Discover the most visited museums in the world, comes with pictures, and will give you plenty of ideas for top museums to see on your own travels.


The Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Notre-Dame Cathedral– Built with red brick which is typical of French tropical colonies, the large and elegant Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is a Roman Catholic cathedral under the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bangui. It is located about 2km from the stadium.

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum– With its rich display of traditional musical instruments, hunting tools and weapons, pottery, and religious antiques among others; the Musée Ethnographique Barthélémy Boganda is the country’s national museum and it also features a decent collection of bark cloth, …


The Berengo Palace was the seat of the government during Bokassa’s reign. Although the former dictator had several luxury villas, Berengo palace was the pick of the pack. Back in the day, …

The Triumphal Arch

The Triumphal Arch is the gateway into the city of Bangui. Designed in the Roman style, the off-white arch fringed with green was built in 1979 by Emperor Jean Bedel Bokassa. It is located near a roundabout.

The Renaissance Palace

The Renaissance Palace is the seat of the government and official residence of the president of the country. Don’t expect to be invited inside though. But you can admire the edifice from outside. Image Map